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Random things about me...

~ I was born, raised and still live in southwest Missouri
~ I have two energetic and loving puggle children named Winston & Ally
~ Puggle?? A perfect little mixture of Pug and Beagle
~ Top 3 dream vacations: Italy - Tahiti - New Zealand
~ If I could live in any other state: Colorado
~ Top 3 passions: Photography - Fitness/Nutrition - Dogs
~ Hidden/Newly discovered talent: Painting / Drawing
~ Craziest most amazing adventure: Skydiving
~ I sometimes snort when I laugh
~ My favorite 'cheat' meal: Brownies - hands down (and yes they can count as a meal) ;-)
~ I can't sing - at all - no way (it's like the 'Bad' auditions that get aired on American Idol)
I would love the opportunity to meet you and your family, have some fun capturing images and most importantly leave you with lasting, tangible memories of this special time in your life - it simply goes by way too fast.
Thanks for reading about me! I hope to hear from you soon.



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